Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Message of Unity for the New Year

My friends in and out of the Unity caucus, 2005 was a year of extraordinary successes for the United Federation of Teachers union. We made huge gains for UFT members in the new contract we negotiated with Mayor Bloomberg, including the addition of two days of work, a sixth class of 37.5 minutes, potty patrol/hallway patrol/cafeteria duty as a mandated professional period responsibility for those UFT members with little building seniority, and best of all, the concession of softer toilet paper in all DOE bathrooms as well as the right to grieve toilet paper that is too rough and sandpaper-like to meet the "squeeze test" right from the bathroom stall.

As Ed Norton, the Chef of the Past on The Honeymooners, would say, "Amazin!!!'"

All of these incomparable contract successes could not have been won for UFT members without the superlative leadership of Le Gran Fromage and the superior negotiating strategies of the Unity caucus, and yet some in our union would have UFT members believe there has been a failure of leadership at the top of the union. These naysayers, these dead-enders, want union members to believe that new leadership is needed to take the United Federation of Teachers forward into 2006 and beyond.

To these dead-enders I bang my shoe on the table and say, "Nyet!!!

The United Federation of Teachers does not need fresh leadership, term limits for union leaders, or a fair, democratic process in elections. The United Federation of Teachers needs entrenched leadership, life-long appointments and plenty of patronage perks for union leaders, and an undemocratic process in elections where the outcome is already determined by Le Gran Fromage and the executive board.

In other words, what the United Federation of Teachers needs in 2006 is the status quo and plenty of it.

Now some in our union say that next year's election will be a referendum on Le Gran Fromage and the Unity caucus, particularly since 37% of the rank-and-file voted against the last contract and a large opposition movement has begun to emerge from the grassroots. To these people I say, our union rank-and-file do not have to worry about a reform party taking over the UFT in the coming election next year and jeopardizing all of the wonderful successes Unity plans for the near future because we have already printed up the ballots for the 2007 presidential election and filled them out for members. We are pleased to announce that Le Gran Fromage will win the 2007 presidential election with 91% of the vote while Jeff Kaufman of ICE will receive -12%.

-12%!!! Can you imagine that? This vote goes to show how much silent support there is for the status quo in the UFT and how much opposition there is to reform.

So, as we embark upon this new year of 2006 and look to meet the challenges of conceding another 20 years of contract rights in the near future, I would like to urge UFT members to come together to support Unity and Le Gran Fromage. As Le Gran Fromage said last night from the hot tub at the UFT New Year's Eve Bash and Small Marshmallow Roast:

In Unity, we have victory. In ICE, we have Global Warming. Remember, War is Peace, Hate is Love, and Contract Concessions for less than a COLA are all-good and always to be passed by Diebold vote.

Indeed. God bless Le Gran Fromage, God bless Unity, and God bless all of you in the union who keep LGF and Unity in the offical UFT hot tub sipping champagne and looking forward to two pensions in their retirement.


At 5:58 AM, Blogger Cleo Lacey said...

Thanks Pete. It's about time someone stood up to those candy-ass ICE bastards.

At 6:07 AM, Anonymous slo nappz said...

This is exactly why we need to end the government education monopoly and start a voucher system.

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You wrote:
This is why we need to start a voucher system.

You continued:
We need a voucher system.

You added:
Start a voucher system

You opined:
We must have a voucher system

And finally:
When the hell are we going to get a voucher system?

So, what's your point?

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous slo nappz said...

Exactly, anonymous. That is why we need to move right now to break the government monoply and start a voucher system.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Cleo Lacey said...


At 7:38 PM, Blogger An Educational Voyage said...

Deception, betrayal, intrigue...

Without Unity, there would be nothing to fear! Fear keeps one's senses alert. Without Unity, teachers would all feel supported. Thanks Unity for keeping the fear alive!

At 4:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There you go again, Ed Voyager, putting us down. Have you read the posts on this site?????
If you did, you would understand that everyone here is PRO UNITY!!!!

Get with the program!


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