Sunday, January 15, 2006


Those frozen brain cells at ICE are at it again. Whaa!, Whaa!, Whaa!
"Those screw-ups at Unity gave themselves a raise, and they don't deserve it!

Listen Up! We work our assess off and put in long hours and weekends too. Every summer we attend workshops. We are available all summer long to any member who can reach us at the Hamptons. Many times we work til 10pm handling grievances. How can you compare that with working til 11pm planning, composing assessments on the computer, phoning parents, marking papers and doing report cards? We must also meet with the LIS and attend countless union meetings that go on forever because ICE never shuts up. On top of that, we attend countless political cocktail parties as well as any function LGF deems necessary. It's really hard having to drink martinis while conducting small talk. And, we are personally responsible for getting teachers to vote for the contract by scaring them to death with lines like "This is the best we can do." (Fuck TWU for screwing that line up!)

A big part of our job requirement is meeting with teachers. Just today I visited a school. I was trapped there for 3 lunch periods listening to complaint after complaint. I keep telling these people File A Grievance! Whaa! Whaa! They don't want to put up with the retribution. Well, I don't want to put up with these principals either.
Remember you have to be an aggrieved party to file grievances. DR's can't file them for you! Fight your own F-ing battles!

The teachers' lounge was dingy with falling plaster and a stale order. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there and back to my cozy, air-conditioned office. After the garage attendant parked my Mercedes, I headed for my office. I had a nice cup of coffee, put my feet up, and admired the exquisite view of downtown Manhattan. Then I proceeded to go through my mail and phone messages.

My day wasn't over yet:

First: Get my best friend a Teacher Center position.
Second: Get my good friend, a Chapter Chair, a per session job with the Union.
Third: Get my friend's son a teaching position in a good school (where I just happen to get along with the LIS).

Next: Arrange symposiums with other AFT representatives around the country.

First stop: Vegas
Second stop: Los Angeles
Third Stop: South Beach

Later I happened to pass the reception area where teachers were waiting to see other representatives. I noticed them marking tons of paperwork, working on lesson plans, and writing comments on writing pieces. I'm so glad I don't have to put up with all that shit either. And the thought of handling all those kids and discipline problems- never again! The only potty duty I want to do is in the Executive Wash Room. (Oh how I love those 100% Egyptian cotton hand towels LGF insists upon.)

Well if this doesn't convince you that we work damn harder than the teachers we are supposed to serve and deserve a raise,


At 2:22 AM, Anonymous loyalist said...

Let them have it, Maysee.

We need more money to keep givin' em what they want!

At 2:49 AM, Blogger brownnose said...

To blazes with those agelasts.Your thoughts drive me to defnestrate the notions of those chronic malcontents!

I weary of their gambrinous gurglings!They should be dealt a raucous recumbentibus, with all due haste!

(PS--might you procure me a Unity position?? No one is second to me in his loyalty to Le Gran Fromage.)

At 3:08 AM, Anonymous Maysee said...


Rumor has it that Cleo has you on the short list for a nice paying job with lots of perks.

I just hope you replaced what you broke and did the proper penance? (In some cultures, people whip themselves.)

At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every screw-up should come with a bonus above the raise.

After LGF's screw-up interview on 20-20, she deserves a $20,000 bonus for making us look like a bunch of rowdy, no-good, lazy idiots.

At 3:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You forgot to point out the wonderful anti-teacher political endorsements as well as using the threat of a strike to stirke fear into teachers instead of the mayor.

Thank you for those screw-ups!

At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Cleo Lacey said...

Did you see the crap Jeff Brace from the UTP is saying in his new column? Charlie Friedman, you are his district rep. Can't you do anything to get this guy stepped on? We know lots of Lis'es who got their basic training in Unity. DO SOMETHING!
Cleo Lacey

Brace Yourself
by Jeff Brace, Chapter Leader, Port Richmond HS
The document above was recently discovered in the UFT vault on 52 Broadway. Unity provided us with the following translation:

The divine right of UFT leadership is an ancient doctrine that claims that UFT leadership, that is, Unity leadership, are representatives of God and derive their right to rule as such. This right entitles them to remove adversarial material from mailboxes and bulletin boards, to prevent the dissemination of information on a citywide scale, to retaliate against adversaries however they see fit, and most importantly, to vote themselves a raise in whatever fashion they desire, whether it be deserved or not.

So be it.

At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooooh, Le Gran Fromage:

S'il vous plait, mangez de fromage avec moi. Le brie, le reblochon, le fromage chevre.

Je vous adore; vous etes fantastique. Vous ne travaillez jamais, mais vous gagnez beaucoup de l'argent! oh la,la, Le Gran Fromage!


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